Five qualities to look for in a housing lawyer

08 September 2021 Agboakiosime Imoudu

When you are buying or selling a property, a housing lawyer or real estate attorney is indispensable. He will ensure a seamless process, protection of your rights, and the paperwork is legal and binding. But how do you find a good housing lawyer? 

Qualities of a good housing lawyer

1. Knowledgeable

Your housing lawyer must be vast in the national and local housing laws that apply to your location. Housing laws can vary from one city or state to another. He should also be licenced to practice in the city or country where you require real estate services.

2. Trustworthy

You would want to pick someone trustworthy and reliable. It helps to talk to your neighbours, friends, and the bar association to gauge the reputation of a particular housing lawyer. You may also ask them for recommendations. 

3. Transparent

Your housing lawyer should be open with all of his charges. You should know upfront all fees you need to pay. You should also be clear on commissions and what is refundable if the deal doesn’t go through. Some housing lawyers have fixed charges and a “no deal, no fee” policy.

4. Good communicator

It is helpful to choose a housing lawyer who is a good communicator. He should be able to express legal concepts clearly and not leave you confused after every visit. Being a good communicator also means that he responds promptly to your emails and calls.

5. Amiable

In addition, you should choose someone friendly and easily approachable. Why not request an introductory meeting with your potential housing lawyer so that you can assess his level of patience? You may also want to look at how comfortable you are around the person. You can often tell a lot from a first meeting.

On a final note

Buying a house can be expensive, stressful, and may involve confusing legal requirements. With a good housing lawyer by your side, you can have a memorable experience. 

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